WordPress (Self Hosted) is working hard on its CMS Security. Have you Ever Experienced that some that Body have Stolen your Blog Content and Published on its own site and with the Help of that content copied blog is getting high Traffic. influencer marketing agency It Feels Terrible! Because you have done a hard work on writing the Post and somebody just stolen it and you cant do anything. So Today I m gonna Explain you that How WordPress Plugins can Help you to Protect Your Blogs Content?

People Uses Bots to Copy the Content without even seeing it and Publish it on their Site these type of blogs are known as Scrappers and some of these steal your content through your Blog’s RSS Feed. I have Mentioned a WordPress Plugin in last Post which can help you Protecting your Website’s Content through RSS Feed (Plugin No-7). Once you Protect your Blog, you dont have to give a Much Time thinking of “What if Article Copied?”.

Searching through the WordPress Plugins Directory i have found some Intresting and Useful Plugins which can help you to Protect your Blog’s Content

  1. SIMPLE FEED COPYRIGHT: Simple Feed Copyright will adds a Simple Copyright Notice at end of full text articles in your feed. A notice gets attached at the bottom of feed articles with the Details of “Copyright Year. Blog’s Name. All Rights Reserved”. The Blog’s Name is linked to your Blog Address. So that any Visitor can See the Disclaimer before copying any content and get aware of Protection.

  2. POPULAR WORDPRESS PLUGIN OF TYNT.COM: TYNT.com for WordPress is a Popular Plugin from the TYNT.com Service. Most of the Bloggers use TYNT Service to Track that Which page was Copied? By Whom and When? Its a Easy Manageable Plugin that can be easily configured too and with a Single Click you will easily know that which page is copied and once you tracked the Person’s Email Address who copied it through any source then you can send a Mail Regarding Legal Notice of Copyright Act.

  3. BLOG PROTECTOR WP PLUGIN: Blog Protector – Protect Your Blog’s Content is a easy to use WordPress Plugin which simply Protect your Blog content being Copied by Disabling the Right Click on your Blog and By Disabling Selection of Text of your Blog. with the help of this Plugin you can easily Protect your Valuable Blog Content as well as images from being copied.

  4. COPYRIGHTED POST: Copyrighted post is a Same Plugin as the Simple Feed Copyright Plugin mentioned above but it has little variances. Copyrighted Post WordPress Plugins Adds copyright notice in the end of each post of your blog.

  5. WP COPYRIGHT PRO: Wp-CopyrightPro is a WordPress plug-in developed in order to minimize the copying of your website content. This is not a complete solution, but it will avoid 90% of attempts to copy its contents.

WP-CopyrightPro Features:

Disable Right Click Easy to Set Up Protects from Drag and Drop Images Disable Selection of text Protects from iFrames No Problem with Search Engines