PureVPN offers worldwide VPN services including UK, U.S. Australia, Germany, France, Brazil, Sweden and more. With PureVPN more than 22,000 IP-addresses are available. Members can rest assure that their PureVPN connection is secure and anonymous. Many benefits are provided for users by PureVPN with its widest number of IP addresses and servers. It is a comprehensive and easy-to-navigate website. As per PureVPN review it offers professional services which are evident from, money back guarantee, thousands of customers and customers support availability 24/7. Service lives-up to expectations with great software and speeds. For top notch service, it is highly recommended VPN service.

PureVPN gives distinct quality services. Key details can easily be found about the services. Performance is as per expectations and is good when compared with other providers, this and lots of other reasons are a basis for recommending PureVPN. PureVPN review indicates that small caveats are there for privacy conscious persons but generally PureVPN suits majority of uses and users.

Pricing & packages

PureVPN offers two services named unlimited and standard. Through online comparison-chart difference between two plans can easily be ascertained. According to PureVPN review bandwidth limit for standard plan is 32GB per month. For unlimited plan there is no limit. Standard plan does not support DDWRT routers. Like other VPN providers PureVPN offers discounts for large commitment packages.  Cost of standard plan per month is $9.95 which costs $74.95 if you extend to yearly package. This yearly amount represents almost 37% discount for monthly cost. Cost of unlimited plan is $18/month and $160/year representing discount of 26% on standard monthly payables. ultrasurf online There are also three and six-month commitment deals for which lower level discounts are available. As per PureVPN review when both packages are compared standard package is found to be cheaper than unlimited.  Non refundable trial-account is offered at $2.50. An alternative to this is 3 days money-back guarantee for any full plan. 


Technologies used by PureVPN are easy to be ascertained. PureVPN supports L2TP/IPSec & PPTP protocols, SSL & SSTP with 128 bit encryption. Though this encryption is not stated on the packages, they also appear to be supporting Open VPN on beta basis. Detailed privacy-policy on the website is available.  Download speed is good enough. It also supports PC, Android, Mac, and iOS. PureVPN also provides setup guidelines for Linux & various routers. One thing is noticeable, only unlimited subscription-plan supports routers. This feature is not for users of standard package.

Customer service provided by PureVPN is available 24/7 and this is proven by customers` views. Members get full & detailed response for their queries.  PureVPN offers support ticketing-system which is a lively forum for FAQs. As indicated by PureVPN review customer support is also available via email and social media. The thing which is missing is a telephone number. But in case of VPN providers telephone number is not that much essential.

Overall PureVPN provides great software for its clients along with superb support. VPN provided by PureVPN performs perfectly on both mobile and desktop.