Farzaneh Gharehassanlou #33

Dr. Hamid Qara Hassanlou, one of the detainees in the Ruhollah Ajamian case, was sentenced to death by the Karaj Revolutionary Court, and his wife Farzane Qara Hassanlou was sentenced to 25 years of exile in Ahvaz prison.

According to published reports, he and his wife participated in the 40th ceremony of Hadith Najafi, one of the victims of the ongoing protests, on 12 Aban. On the way back, they get stuck in traffic and they try to change the route, and finally they reach a side road near Behesht Sakine Karaj, which is the place of the accident. Zamane wrote about Hamid's condition to appear in court: "According to the doctors, due to the effects of the anesthetic and anemia, Hamid was unable to attend the court and answer the questions correctly. Even a day before the medical examiner's court announced that he should not appear in court, however, no attention was paid to these matters." Farzaneh and her husband did not have the right to choose a selected lawyer in this court.
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