Fatemeh Sepehri #42

58 years

Fatemeh Sepehri is a political and women's rights activist and a political prisoner from Iran. Sepehri and her brother Mohammad Hossein Sepehri are two of the signatories of the Statement of 14 Political Activists during the 2017–2018 Iranian protests requesting the resignation of Ali Khamenei from his post as the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Republic and later the abolition of Islamic republic and establishment of a democratic secular government. During a wave of arrests as a result of Mahsa Amini protests, Sepehri was arrested on September 21 and taken to an unknown location after security agents raided her house
Be the voice of the voiceless!
Women Life Freedom
Zan Zendegi Azadi
Sponsored by Natalie Pawlik (MdB German Bundestag)

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