Saman Yasin #34

27 years

Saman Yasin (Seydi), a popular rap singer from Kermanshah, was arrested on October 2, 2022 during the protests in Tehran. On October 29, he was accused in the court of "combat and collusion with the intention of committing a crime against the security of the country". Saman Seydi was severely tortured, the image of his trial by Judge Salavati is a clear example of cruelty and injustice. Kurdistan Human Rights reported that Saman Yassin (Seydi) has been severely tortured physically and mentally to make a forced confessions. According to this network, being kept in a very cold place for three days, severely beaten and thrown from a height are among the tortures that this Kurdish artist endured during this period. It is said that as a result of these tortures, he was forced to make a forced confessions.
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